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    • Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 9.55.24 AM

      Namsayn EP / Q&A with Tiger Fresh

                  Portland’s Tiger Fresh has been tearing it up on the west coast, touring all the hot spots all winter long. Now, after a brief rest from all the slain dance floors, he’s ready to show you what he’s been up to all spring with a fat new summer EP. […]

    • Photo18

      Shambhala on a Shoestring – The Relevant Costs of Raving

      Being an active participant of raving since the summer of grade 8 (June -1998), I have attended my fair share of summer festivals. This being my fifth Shambhala Music Festival, after hearing the news that myself and girlfriend would be attending, fond memories of absolute ridiculousness slowly washed over me. In my giddiness, I began […]

    • Shambhala-2014-logo

      Slowpicks Shambhala 2014 Edition

      “Brought to you by the Slowdjs team, the Slowpicks are a monthly selection of our favourite tunes. Each of us have picked a song in this diverse list representing some of the best West Coast & Canadian Music. If you’ve got music, we want to hear it! Drop us a line in the comments, our […]