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Vinnie the Squid Profile Pic 1Vinnie the Squid busted into Vancouver’s DJ scene in 1995 with one goal in mind… Get Those Ass’ Shakin’! Fast forward to 2000 and it was his appetite for creation which naturally progressed into writing and producing music. His DJ style consists of flawlessly blending Trap, Chillstep, Hip Hop, House, Juke and Jungle while mashing them up perfectly with Bone Chilling Bass Drops, Sick Scratches and Tight Programming .
While touring the Westcoast, Vinnie has collaborated and shared the stage with an eclectic group of artists such as Blackalicious, Chali 2na, Dj Revolution, Russell Peters, Three Six Mafia, Matt the Alien, Cut Chemist, Dj Spider, Pigeon John, Bryan Jones, Kardinal Official, J-Pod and Bryx.
Vinnie’s live sets as well as mixtapes have been regarded by many as, “Genius” and “Legendary”. They are always packed full of unreleased remixes and edits and are not to be missed!


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