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Slowpicks Shambhala 2014 Edition

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“Brought to you by the Slowdjs team, the Slowpicks are a monthly selection of our favourite tunes. Each of us have picked a song in this diverse list representing some of the best West Coast & Canadian Music. If you’ve got music, we want to hear it! Drop us a line in the comments, our Facebook page, or tweet us @slowdjswith a SoundCloud link and we may feature you next month!”

This month – in the spirit of Shambhala Music Festival, we decided to ask a handful of performing artists what their favourite festival tracks were this summer. Big thanks to all the artists that contributed to this months Slowpicks playlist!

*Pumpkin‘s Pick -
Feed Me feat. Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Larse Remix)

*Sam Demoe‘s Pick -
Tiga vs Audien – Lets go Dancing ( Maya Jane Coles Remix )

*Ryan Wells Pick -
Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flugel – Hachinoko

*Christian Martin‘s Pick -
Christian Martin – Martian Landing

*Sweet Pickle‘s Pick -
Harry Romero & Joeski – Choose One

*Max Ulis‘s Pick -
Literon – Freak Funktion

*Wax Romeo‘s Pick -
D’Marc Cantu – Acid Test

*Blondtron‘s Pick -
Jubilee JMZ Riddim x Four Color Zack – 2 ON

*Smalltown Dj’s Pick -
Watermat – Bullit

*Neon Steve‘s Pick -
Don’t Call Me Baby – Just a Gent Remix

*Dj Dubconscious‘s Pick -
Jillionaire – Fresh (My Nu Leng Remix)

*Hxdb‘s Pick -
HxdB – Skool Dayz (KRUSHA Remix)


Jesse Bru | Bass Coast Artist Spotlight



















Jesse Bru‘s Slowcast is our second instalment of the Bass Coast Artist Spotlight.
Dropping just in time for you to stream/DL it for your journey to the festival.
Catch Jesse’s set on Saturday @ The Pirate Stage at 8:30-9:30PM.

[Full Bass Coast schedule is now live - bust out those highlighters and get planning! click here]

West Coast producer, MC and DJ Jesse Bru, draws full-bodied, impressionistic lines where less finessed artists draw blanks. Taking his creative cues from early-90’s sample-based hip hop, Bru’s deep house treatment remains decidedly modern – and mighty soulful. He also moonlights as one half of Vancouver duo Hot Keys (alongside Ryan Trann). His sample-strong debut album, MidCity (2012) on UK label Audio Parallax finds his sharp, fluttering grooves laced with hints of cut-up jazz, dubby acoustics and celestial vocals.

1. Stimming – Feeding Seagulls
2. Genius Of Time – Houston We Have a Problem
3. Seven Davis Jr. – All Kinds
4. Youandewan – FM Jam(Andres remix)
5. Youandewan – FM Jam(Original mix)
6. Thomas Brinkmann – Isch(Soulphiction Remisch)
7. Seven Davis Jr. – One
8. Art Of Tones – The Same Thing
9. Kyle Hall & KMFH – Measure 2 Measure
10. Ludovic Liorca – The World As I Live it
11. Leon Vynehall – House Of Dupree

See you on the dance floor!













Slowdjs x Bass Coast Artist Q&A

Gitty with excitement, one of our favourite weekends of the whole summer is in just a couple sleeps!

Babe Coast… *sigh* [printable schedule now available here!]

In prep for the festivities, Myself & Vinnie The Squid did a little Q&A with some of our Bass Coast favourites.

Andrea (The Librarian/BCP Co-founder) 

Little Myth – Q: We are so excited for Bass Coast this year. I really appreciate how you guys have taken all the feed back from last year and your trying to make the festival grounds feel a little more intimate. Can’t wait to see the new stage placements. What has been your biggest struggle and biggest win this year in preparation for BCP 2014?

Andrea – A: It is hard to believe Bass Coast is only a couple days away! It’s really nice to be heading into our second year on this site.  We learned so much about the lay of the land last year which allows us to really fine tune the festival layout this year. Our biggest challenge in planning this year was centred around the layout of the festival. Our goal for 2014 was and is to create an intimate village that has a small footprint, showcases the natural beauty of the forest and river, and encourages people to interact and to check out all the art, vending, and stages.  Liz and I spent months playing with this concept.  We want the stages to be close so you can spend more of your time and energy dancing.  We also LOVE the feel of the forest and were inspired to bring the entire marketplace, art installations, and yoga spa under the green canopy. The Pirate Radio stage has also moved into the forest, not too far from Slay Bay stage which is on the river.  It is going to feel really intimate, shaded, and cozy this year. I can say it has been the biggest challenge but I also feel that it will be our biggest success!

I also have to mention that our line up this year is getting me very excited.  It has become expected that our local talent shines bright each year and I have no doubt that it will be again.  BUT I’m also really excited about some of the new and groundbreaking artists that we have visiting from across the pond.  Paleman is making Bass Coast his first NA performance which is REALLY exciting. His productions and his RINSE mixes have brought him to headline many UK festivals this year… so make sure you come check him on Friday night on Main Stage!  Other artists not to miss include: Addison Groove, A Tribe Called Red, G Jones, Hrdvsion, Commodo, and Natasha Kmeto.  There is so much good music coming out these days and I feel we are really lucky to have these artists joining us this year.  If you haven’t heard of them… go listen. They are all leading the way in their genres. See you at Bass Coast!

Liz Thomson (BCP Co-founder) 

Little Myth – Q: From CBC, to The Gaurdian, to MTV… did you expect that taking this stance with banning native american head dresses would make such an impact across the web?

Liz – AI think it’s a very positive reaction to our decision. Our intention was to educate our festival guests about cultural appropriation, specifically the head dress. It’s important to recognize that most people who wear the feathered head dress have no intention of being offensive. We hope the impact of our stance is education. We hope that this installs a deeper personal responsibility to show respect for all other cultures in all of our communities at all times.


Mr Wu

Vinnie – Q: For many years you have been very busy as a clothing designer, and in the past few years your DJ career has really started to take off, how do maintain balance between these two demanding careers?

Mr.Wu – A: They definitely require a lot of time and energy, but both are my passions so they make time for each other. I have in the past gotten lost in the music side when working on a mix and neglected all the orders I was supposed to ship out that day. But really it just takes discipline to create balance – knowing when I can spend time on one or the other. These days it’s not the balance between art and music I struggle with, it’s balancing art and music with the rest of my life.

Vinnie – Q: This will be your first time playing a festival on your home turf, What do you have planned for your BCP set?

 Mr.Wu – A: Nothing planned yet but given the time of day I see it being fun and bouncy with varying drum patterns. I’ll probably layout a loose plan and see what the crowd is responding to and we’ll see where the music takes us.


Little Myth – Q: We heard through the grape vine you are starting your own record label – Can we expect more original Bogl productions in the near future?

Bogl – A: Yes i recently started a label with my homie Mimosa, and you can def expect some new production and colabs…Me, Mimosa and Taso from Teklife have been working hard in the studio every day getting ready to release a lot of cool stuff. Next release is Mimosas full length then immediately following is tons of eps.


Ryan Wells 

Vinnie – Q: You recently released a new track titled: Biscuits. There are no vocals in this track – what inspired the name?

Ryan Wells – A: That tune was the end result of an online course I took this winter that had an English gentlemen teaching it. When it was time to name it all that came to mind was biscuits (with an English accent).

Sam Demoe

Little Myth – Q: Besides Bud Light Lime, what are your top 5 rave essentials?

Sam Demoe – A:

1. BUDLIGHT LIME. The greatest festival beverage for 2 reasons, when its ice cold, its delicious, and when its luke warm its slightly less delicious and all the while tasting like lime. Added benefit, 4% alcohol & gluten free, so a nice long day of swimming, raving and Beveraging doesn’t turn you into a slobbering sweaty mess.

2. FESTIVAL JEAN VEST: I made this sweet jean vest with super girly baroque patch on the back, perfect balance of man / girl.

3. FOOTWEAR: Nike FlipFlops / Nike Freeruns / Gumboots:   It reaalllllly sucks when you don’t have the right shoe for the situation. If the weather turns on you and monsoons for 10 hours and you don’t have boots you will contemplate crying.

4. CAMO BUCKETHAT: Girlfriend hates it, I love it. Can’t find me if I decide to go for a walkabout in the woods at night (Ned Kelly)




 Little Myth – Q: A couple weeks ago you guys were sittin pretty at #21 on the National Top 50 list, thats pretty cool! How did it feel to see Sabota on there with artists like Timber Timbre, Chromeo & The Black Keys to name a few!

Max Ulis – A: Surreal, it is pretty cool to get some national recognition as I have spent my music career relatively “underground”. Also I had just read a bunch of ridiculous quotes from Jack White and we were one spot ahead of him so that was kinda satisfying haha

We put a lot of love into the music and to see people get behind it is exciting, and surprising as we did not have any expectations.


Little Myth – Q: Robbie – How do you balance the Sabota project with Max and Humans with Peter? Do you guys have some kind of schedule in the studio or is your focus more on Sabota these days?

Robbie – A:  I usually save Sabota for what I produce in ableton – and Humans for stuff i write on Octatrack and ESX, so that my partners and I are writing in the same medium.

Wax Romeo

Little Myth – Q: What makes you the world greatest lover?

Wax Romeo – A:  A complete lack of self awareness.



 Little Myth – Q: We often see you online spreading the message to “set your pussy free” what exactly does this mean?

Blondtron – A: SYPF is about letting go. Letting go of all the dumb repressive shit you learned about being a girl and then all the dumb repressive shit you learned about being a woman. Then you can let go of all that you think it means to be a feminist and a powerful woman that pushes back in today’s world too. You can just let it all go and just be. Because that is the most powerful thing in and of itself that you can do as a woman, or as a man, as a human.

Now I’m not saying that pushing against all the bullshit isn’t important. It’s super fucking important to fight for what you believe in and stand up for what is just and right. But that fight can be a prison, especially in the world today where borders and lines are pushed and crossed and blurred and you can’t say a certain word because of it’s history or a dance a certain dance because you’re appropriating someone else’s culture and you can’t dress this way because that means this and bla bla bla bla bla bla!

Pick and choose your battles and the rest of the time live your life and live it well. Lift that skirt, spread those legs and Set Your Pussy Free!

Also it’s a song on an EP that will be coming out at the end of the summer!



Vinnie -Q: Westerley is a very unique artist name, how did you come up with that and what does it mean?

Westerly – A: It’s actually my real birth name so technically my parents came up with it for me when I was born. Im not sure exactly why they chose the name but I think it has something to do with the part of the world we live in and the strong Westerly winds we get here. The weird spelling (the extra “e” before the “y”) was the advice of a numerologist (hippy*) friend of theirs, haha.
Yan Zombie

Vinnie – Q: We often hear your name associated with “Hater of the Year” – are you infact THE hater of the year?

Yan – A: Well i do have a song called that… But i think it may come more from the fact that i don’t hold back my honest opinion on things, particularly online and; we live in a culture of “yes men” where any critique that’s not positive or even having a dissenting opinion will get you called a’hater’. Since i do not possess the mechanism within myself to hold my opinion back my new strategy mitigate the perception of ‘hater’ by forcing myself to give thanks or comment on something that i truly like 3 times for every one mean scathing review or joke i post.. so in short ..yes ..but i’m working on it.

Self Evident

Little Myth – Q: You are becoming infamous for rave & party winning – can you take us back to BCP 2011 when you “won” the rave during Micheal Reds morning set?

Self Evident – A: Well… there were a bunch of sets before Michael that night that really had me goin already. By the time Michael went on I was perfectly prepped for a classic M Red morning set, and he delivered big time. Lots of wild dancing was had, some people were picked up and dropped, sometimes I was the one falling to the ground… I think that set is still on his soundcloud. Definitely a special moment.

We are so excited to re-connect with new and old friends this weekend! For your road trip connivence we compiled a BCP dj mix playlist featuring nearly 80 hours of great music for your journey. Drive Safe & We’ll see you on the dance floor.

The Slowpicks


Brought to you by the Slowdjs team, the Slowpicks are a monthly selection of our favourite tunes. Each of us have picked a song in this diverse list representing some of the best West Coast & Canadian Music. If you’ve got music, we want to hear it! Drop us a line in the comments, our Facebook page, or tweet us @slowdjs with a SoundCloud link  and we may feature you next month!


Iman Omari ft. Tiffany Gouche
Wait A Minute
Los Angeles, CA

Days In The West (Drake Cover [Ekali Remix])
Vancouver, BC

Shameless Focus – Coleco x Freddie Gibbs (PRSN Blend)
Portland, OR

Slowdjs pick
Jason Burns ft. Reva Devito
Lightning (Sinstarr Remix)
Detroit, MI


Montreal, QC

The Horror Show ft. Pigeon John
Steel Reserve

Taal Mala
White Label Renegade
Vancouver, BC
Stream & Download courtesy of XLR8R

Little Myth
Henry Krinkle
Stay (Justin Martin Remix)
San Fransisco, CA

Slowdjs pick
Obnoxiously Sexual (J.Phlip Remix)
San Fransisco, CA

El Papachango | Bass Coast Artist Spotlight

El Papachango’s Slowcast is the first instalment of our Bass Coast Artist Spotlight, We will be showcasing a handful of BCP artists leading up to the festival. Catch Diego’s set on Sunday @ The Main Stage! [8:30pm]

[Full Bass Coast schedule is now live - bust out those highlighters and get planning! click here]

Diego Novoa aka El Papachango from Argentina moved to the states as a young adult and brought with him a love of music from south america that he blended with West Coast underground breaks and hip-hop to create a sonic groove that is unique and infectious to dance floors everywhere. Sexy , soulful and funky sounds come out of him even when he’s fast asleep. Diego is also one of the core creators of the legendary El Circo production that has been delivering music and a grip of very talented artists on massive systems across the planet, like Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, FreQ Nasty, Dj Laura, An-ten-nae and many others .
He’s been making panties drop since most of us were still in diapers.

Upcoming shows:

July 18th- Heart Tribe Presents Electro Freda- Bay View Hotel, Santa Cruz CA
July 23th- Heaven Underground – Nevada City CA
August 2nd- 5th Bass Coast Music Festival - Merritt BC, Canada
August 8th-11th Shambhala Music Festival – Salmo BC, Canada
August 15th 17th The Field Festival – Nelson BC, Canada


1. Bomba_ Est_Reo Caribbean (Los Reyes de la Milonga)
2. Panamania (JSTJR)
3. Bugutu (Dengue Dengue Dengue)
4. Lokumba (Dengue Dengue Dengue)
5. I just wanna (Banginclude)
6. Pa_B
7. Ape Shake (KJS)
8. Jah Warriors feat Rebel MC Nanci Correia (Joker)
9. Passionata (Copia Doble Systema)
10.Boss D UP feat Gorilla Zoe ( Gorilla Zoe) 11-­‐Finger (TRVP)
12.Get Down (UZ remix)
13. Santo Diablo (Cabo Blanco)
14. Pa Mala (Sango)
15. Head Top (Joker) 16-­‐DIGUTAL MAINFRAME (Joker)