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Hip Hop Corner Vol.12 Ted-D


For volume 12 we decided to stay in house and select an artist from within our circle. So who better to rock this mix than one of the original members of the SlowDJs family.

Ted-D steps outta the shadows and delivers a creative journey through Hip Hop.

let your mind wonder freely as Ted-D drops classic gems creatively bound together with on point cuts, effortless blends and other fun Ted-D stuff………you’ll soon understand.

Dive on in and enjoy the ride?


Have a little read and get to know the man behind the mix. (track list & mixtape below)

SlowDJ’s: It goes without saying that we are extremely hyped to have you step in and drop a super fun mixtape for all of us to enjoy. We are truly spoiled by all the talent we’ve worked with but it always hit a little harder when it’s been created by one of your own crew members and good friend. So thank you for the fresh mix!

SlowDJ’s: For those who don’t know who you are, can you give us a little run down on who Ted-D is and what your style is all about?

Ted-D: I am all about having and creating great moments with friends and family. Music has always brought smiles and energy to myself and everyone around me growing up. At some point in my teens, it all just clicked and I knew I wanted to make music that made people bump their heads. My head has always been in the clouds, I love music because you can’t see it yet it opens up a realm of emotion, feelings and inspiration at times and that still blows my mind. I/m all about sampling, scratching, breakbeats fast and slow, electronic and live elements. I have two sides of styles that I try to go for, deep shit that makes you think and Banger beats that make you want to dance your ass off.

SlowDJ’s: For some DJ’s, mixtape’s come together effortlessly in timely fashions while others take more time, but work more methodical. Where would you fit?

Ted-D: I like to get things done in the moment. I approach a mix like a song i’m choppin up. Do all the prep work in advance and then just come in fresh after a good breakfast or a nice walk and lay that shit down. I get my shit done always right after breakfast!

SlowDJ’s: We always enjoy asking this oneAs a DJ, records are sacred. If you could only keep or obtain 5 pieces of wax what would they be?

Ted-D: 1. My Turkey Kuts scratch rekkid 2. DJ Shadow Entroducing 3. The One Ring album (music inspired by the lord of the rings 1971) 4. Curtis Mayfield – Superfly 5. That album Kid Koala and Qbert have that you play to plants to make the, grow better. Anyone know what its called!!!!?!

SlowDJ’s: We know you constantly grind, but how about you let our fans know what kind of magic you’ve been working on these days and with whom?

Ted-D: Recently moved my studio back to my crib, its setup so magical, I cry when I see it every morning.

Got my homies the LooseLeaf Sessions, we will be dropping our album just before summer time. Me and Mercy have a group Down To Dirt droppin a music video and album very soon,

I have other new projects in the works with Spokes, Inkspill & Babie Paul (Pepperoni Pizza Posse), Supa G Swift (Kyanite Skulls), Polly Amorous, Zone and Vizzions and my dude Mishap.

SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drinkin?

Ted-D: I want that Belgian Beer that Mishap had me try at his studio. I’ll take two please!


Track list:

1. Grand Wizard Theodore 2. Herbaliser – Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks

3. J-Live & Dj Premier – The best part

4. The Pharcyde – “Drop”

5. Blockhead – Daylight

6. Ras Kass – Remain Anonymous

7. Backini – Electro Imdustry

8. Madlib – What a day

9. Liam Back – Ounce By Ounce

10. Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

11. Pigeon John – So Gangster

12. Ulrich Schnauss – Clear Day

13. SamIyam – Kitties

14. Divine Styler – Word Power

15. Killer Mike – JoJo’s Chillin

16. Wiseguys – Search’s end/Laser Cazals

17. People Under The Stairs – Acid Raindrops


Hip Hop Corner Vol.11 The PhonoGraff

<iframe width=”450″ height=”180″ src=”https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?embed_type=widget_standard&amp;embed_uuid=5012bcdc-c894-44fc-bdbf-002888bfa403&amp;feed=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mixcloud.com%2Fslowdjs%2Fhip-hop-corner-vol11-the-phonograff%2F&amp;hide_cover=1&amp;hide_tracklist=1&amp;replace=0″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><div style=”clear: both; height: 3px; width: 442px;”></div><p style=”display: block; font-size: 11px; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; margin: 0px; padding: 3px 4px; color: rgb(153, 153, 153); width: 442px;”><a href=”https://www.mixcloud.com/slowdjs/hip-hop-corner-vol11-the-phonograff/?utm_source=widget&amp;utm_medium=web&amp;utm_campaign=base_links&amp;utm_term=resource_link” target=”_blank” style=”color:#808080; font-weight:bold;”>Hip Hop Corner Vol.11 The PhonoGraff</a><span> by </span><a href=”https://www.mixcloud.com/slowdjs/?utm_source=widget&amp;utm_medium=web&amp;utm_campaign=base_links&amp;utm_term=profile_link” target=”_blank” style=”color:#808080; font-weight:bold;”>Slowdjs</a><span> on </span><a href=”https://www.mixcloud.com/?utm_source=widget&amp;utm_medium=web&amp;utm_campaign=base_links&amp;utm_term=homepage_link” target=”_blank” style=”color:#808080; font-weight:bold;”> Mixcloud</a></p><div style=”clear: both; height: 3px; width: 442px;”></div>

2016 is live and in full effect! and what better way to flex our first mix of the year than by having The PhonoGraff showcase everything we love about Hip Hop.

Blends,Breaks,Old Skool,New Skool,Mashups and of course the mutha f*!king cuts!

Yes! we love the cuts.

His name resinates throughout the Hip Hop community for many reasons. Perhaps its his production, wicked turntable skills, solid collaborations or maybe his DJ coalition titled “Klash Akt”

However his name comes across your path, one thing is for sure……….. its’ always attached to something wildly dope!

Have a little read and get to know the man behind the mix. (track list & links below)

SlowDJ’s: We are amped to have you as our first 2016 artist feature, so thank you very much for taking the time to put together your mix.

PhonoGraff: My pleasure. I love putting mix tapes together. I have always treated the process similar to the way one might paint a piece of art.

SlowDJ’s: I’ll jump right into it. Your skills on the 1s & 2s are wild, were you always drawn to tech side of DJing? and if so what or who inspired it?

PhonoGraff: I guess I was. At first it was all about mixing records in time without falling off beat. Learning how to blend by ear is the most important skill as a DJ. The technical side came later with natural progression.

The more I listened and the more I began to realize the endless possibilities of what could be done with just a turntable and a mixer…that alone is inspiring on its own! I also found my skills took on a whole new level once I started adding a certain fungai to the mix.
Another important step in my past was discussing the break down of sounds with like-minded individuals.

SlowDJ’s: Okay, back to the mix. You’ve gone with sick track selections on this one, songs from “Group Home” “Eligh” “MF Doom” “Organized Konfusion” just to name a few.

What drew you to these styles of tracks? I mean these are very lyrical artists, it just seems that todays sounds are about the beats not so much the lyrics.

PhonoGraff: I really enjoy all of those tunes. Some are new and some are very old. I find the beats are just as good as the lyrics.

In most cases, when the beat is super dope, the rapper seems forced (naturally) to come off fresh in my opinion.

SlowDJ’s: We always enjoy asking this one. As a DJ, records are sacred. If you could only keep or obtain 5 pieces of wax what would they be?

PhonoGraff: I always had a thing for collecting early mid-90s hieroglyphics wax. It always seemed like it was difficult for me to find. Anyway… In no particular order: deL – No need for alarm LP, Saafir – boxcar sessions LP, Smif n Wessun – wontime 12” …(my first hip hop record ever purchased), Saukrates – Hate runs deep 12”. A tribe called quest- oh my god 12” (original pressing, not the reissue) contains a remix on the b-side by a group called “know naim”.

SlowDJ’s: Being your a DJ that spins multiple genres of music, is there one person/peoples or group that you would love to share the stage with?

PhonoGraff: I have opened for a lot of amazing artists over the years but no one comes to my mind right now. To be totally honest, I really don’t care who else is on the bill. Just give me a nice crowd, a stage, a massive sound system with a lot of sub bass and I’ll be happy just doing my thing.

SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drinkin?

PhonoGraff: Right now I’m on that double espresso (black)  or ginger lemon tea (that real ginger & that real lemon) no fake stuff.

Track list:

PhonoGraff – intro

E40 – my shit bang
Al Tariq –Just a lil Joint
Group Home – so called friends Redman – nigga whut
Jamal – Fades em all
Drake – Back to back
MF Doom – trap door
Eligh – Stop running
Ambassadeurs – Vahlia
Boogie – Let me rap
Slum Village – Forever
Vince Staples – Norf Norf
Andre Nickatina & Equipto – Jungle Organized Konfusion – Stray Bullet
Bob James – Nautilus
PhonoGraff – skratcherlude
Busta Rhymes – Turn me up some
Ab Soul & Kendrick Lamar –Turn me up Artifacts – The Interview
Grandpuba – I like it
El DeBarge – I like it

Find,follow and enjoy the sounds of The PhonoGraff

SC: www.soundcloud.com/phonograff

Twitter: www.twitter.com/THEPHONOGRAFF

Email: thephonograff@gmail.com

Hip Hop Corner Vol.10 DJ Invizible


Hip Hop Corner Vol.10 DJ InvizibleThis time of the year is all about spreading goods vibes and cheers, so we figured we’d venture to the heart of it all. The Okanagan Valley. More specifically Kelowna,BC

Here we have the pleasure of linking up with Kelowna’s most notorious man on the decks, DJ Invizible. The holidays are right around the corner and we all know you can’t have good times with out good tunes. So warm up the amps and crank the speakers because Vol.10 is about to commence.




Have a little read and get to know the man behind the mix. 

SlowDJ’s: First and foremost all of us at SlowDJ’s are truly appreciative that you had the time to compile such a great mix at such a busy time of the year.

This is the perfect way to crack open the holidays.

SlowDJ’s: We knew you were gonna flip it up when we spoke about the mix but we had no idea that its was going to be this freshly flipped.

Was this your game plan from the jump or did the tracks just fall into place?

Invizible: Thank you guys for giving me the platform to show case and giving me a good reason to drop a long overdue mix.

Dj Premier, Revolution and Dj Spinbad have always been inspirational to me in Djing so I was really keen on putting a intro together with scratches forming sentences and also throwing down interludes throughout the mix with some scratching in it. As far as the songs go I had a lot of late nights going through my library looking for songs. I really wanted to incorporate new beats with throwback acapellas.

SlowDJ’s: People may not know this but your a mean turntablist, what or who got you hooked on the 1s and 2s?

Invizible: Then growing up listening to hip hop music I got to know the DJ’s like  Jam Master Jay, Premier, Evil Dee, Eric B ect….. Then I discovered battle DJ’s like the Invizible Skratch Piklz, Xecusioners, Beat Junkies and Allies and that took it to a new level of for me and I’ve been hooked ever since.

SlowDJ’s: Being your a DJ that spins multiple genres of music, is there one person/peoples or group that you would love to share the stage with?

Invizible: I have always loved the Roots and now that they do Fallon I would be hyped to do some cuts over

?uestlove live on the drums.

SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drinkin?

Invizible: If you guys are buying it would have to be a Pabst Blue Ribbon because I’m all ghetto all the time.

Find,follow and enjoy the sounds of DJ Invizible

SC: soundcloud.com/invizzy

Twitter: @djivizible

FB: facebook.com/Dj-Invizible

Track List:

1)intro Invizible cuts over “Food Instrumental”

2)Big L “put it on”

3)Datsik “firepower remix” w/kryptonite acapella

4)Troy Boi “O.G.

5)Brosafari “burn the block”

6)SwaggleRock “Goo”

7)CRVFTSMEN & Ape Drums “fire”

8)Blunt Skull “reggamufffin”

9)Blackalicious “ashes to ashes”

10)Pete Rock & CL Smooth “reminisce remix”

11)KRS ONE “sound of da police Phibes remix”

12)LL Cool J “momma said knock you out remix”

13)Biggie “party and bullshit Ceapshot remix”

14)Arman Van Helden “word up doc”

15)Digable Planets “rebirth of slick instrumental w/Invizible’s cuts.

16)Lords of the underground “chief rocks”

17)Fetty Wap “679 Spyder Remix”

18)Diplo “twerk”

19)SwaggleRock “pop that thang”

20)Mura Masa “Gucci Gucci”

21)Big Grams “fell into the sun”

22)Boards of Canada “roygbiv w/Dej Loaf try me acapella”

23)Adrian Young “it’s me”

24)Kendra Morris “concrete waves dj premier remix”

25)Marian Hill “lovit”

26)Nao “zillionaire”

27)Mick Jenkins “your love”

28)Riff Raff “cool it down”

29)Dr Dre “animals”

30)iamcompton “money to spend”

31)Carnage ft ilovemakonen “like tuh”

32)Nightmares on Wax “so here we are w/Invizible’s cuts”

Hip Hop Corner Vol.9 Vinnie the Squid


Track list:

Step Off Intro – People Under The Stairs

Down With BDP – KRS One
Lyin’ King – Nine
Rhyme Writtin’ – Crown City Rockers
Give Up The Goods – Mobb Deep
New Shades – New Jack Hustle
Soul Obligation – Rascalz
Peeps – Cipher
Old Skool – 2Pac
Mrs. Fat Botty – Mos Def
Tic Toc – Lords of The Underground
Skillz in ’95 – Mad Skillz
The Mad Scientist – Large Professor
Return of The Crookland Dogers – Crookland Dodgers
The Buizness – De La Soul
The Hop – A Tribe Called Quest
Invasion – Jeru The Damaja
EZ On The Motion – Ghetto Concept
Shuffle Rap – Crown City Rockers
Day One – D.I.T.C.
Dirty South – Goodie Mob
Find That – The Beatnuts
Red Hook Day – Shabazz The Disciple
Twins – Big Punisher
If You Got Love – Non Phixtion
Got My Mind Made Up – 2Pac
Lefluer Lafla Eshoshka – Helta Skeltah
Whatchu Want – Nine
How You Like Me Baby – Ghostface Killah
Chains – RA The Rugged Man
Ol’ Time Killin’ – Kardinal Official
Still Shinnin’ – Mobb Deep
Me & Nas Bing It To You Harder – Nas & Slick Rick
Scarface – Geto Boys
Im Not A Playa – Big Punisher
Together Baby – Ghostface Killah
Bad Ways – Too Short
Bigg Pimpin’ – Tha Dogg Pound
Never Talk Down – Rappin’ 4Tay
So Tired of Being Alone – Al Green
Shake It Down – DJ Zeph
Lower East Side – Delinquent Habits
Find and follow Vinnie the Squid @

Hip Hop Corner Vol.8 Folivora

In this edition we travel eastbound to the other side of the Canadian Rockies to link up with Calgary’s 2014 DMC Champion “Folivora” formally known to the world as “Dustin Def”

This super fresh mixtape kicks off with a slick original piece right into what this man does best “sweet ass cuts”
The cuts,the blends the track choices,it’s all here and waiting for you to press play.

Have a listen and little read, get to know the man behind the mix.

SlowDJ’s: Thank you so much for coming onboard for Mixtape Vol.8, I know it took a minute for us to link

up for this project but i have to say the wait was well worth it!


SlowDJ’s: People have been asking, whats with your name? You were formally known to the world as “Dustin Def”

2014 Calgary DMC Champ and now you go as “Folivora”

Was this something in the works for a while or was it just time for a switch?


Folivora is the moniker I have been using for my beat production and more bass/electronic projects. The name is actually the scientific term for Sloths. I got the nickname Sloth from my close friends growing up because it sometimes took me longer than usual to do things or would spend too much time on the couch.  I guess it came to a point where I should choose one or the other, I still go by Dustin Def if I’m playing a predominantly hip-hop oriented show.


SlowDJ’s: At 14 years old you rocked your first decks. Who or what got you so interested in the DJ world?


Growing up, my friends and I got into hip-hop quite early. I remember as far back as grade 4 I was exchanging and trading rap and hip-hop tapes and cds with friends. This was before mp3’s so we would literally bug our parents to get us music and sign us up for Columbia House. After listening to hip-hop since ’92-’93 I eventually wanted to get behind the music, and it was listening to Funk Master Flex mixtapes I decided I wanted to be a DJ. Around 1997 I was watching Much Music one day and A-Trak was doing a showcase, he had someone handing him records as he cut them up and juggled them and I noticed he was super young so I knew at this point I had to do whatever it took to start becoming a turntablist.


SlowDJ’s: Is producing the next natural step in your DJ career?


Yeah, I bought my first MPC in 2008 and have been learning how to make beats ever since. I usually incorporate a few of my own beats in my mixes these days, however I would like to get to a point where I can play a full set of my own music.

SlowDJ’s: As a DJ,records are sacred. If you could only keep or obtain 5 pieces of wax what would they be?


Hmm, That’s a tough question.

I’ll go in the direction of records I would keep:

Soulsides – Greatest Bumps – (A gift from my sister )

People Under The Stairs – Highlighter (A gift from my girlfriend)

DJ Krush – Kakusei

Peanut Butter Wolf – Peanut Butter Breaks

Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth LP (always a party saver)


SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drink in?


Double Long Island Iced Tea!!!

Track list & Links


Folivora feat. Teekay of Dragon Fli Empire – Hip Hop Corner Intro

Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-mark – I Know, Didin’t I (feat. Dorondo)

Take 6 – Spread Love (Mark the 45 King remix)

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am

Brand Nubian – Slow Down (Instrumental)

Mysterme – Unsolved Mysterme

Masta Ace – Music Man

Gang Starr – Comin’ for Datazz

Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge

Das Efx – They Want Efx remix (Instrumental)

Das Efx – They want Efx

Jurassic 5 – Monkey Bars

Large Professor – Pump Ya Fist Like This

Leisure Allstars – Get Your Hands In The Air

Aretha Franklin – Rocksteady

EPMD – I’m Housing

LL Cool J – Illegal Search

Percee P – Let The Homicides Begin

DJ Shadow – Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain

DJ Shadow – In/Flux

Beastie Boys – Root Down (Free Zone Remix)

Apathy ft. Celph Titled – Stop What ya Doin’ (Instrumental)

Beastie Boys – Root Down (Acapella)

Beatnuts – Watch Out Now (Instrumental)

Beastie Boys – Alive (Acapella)

Gang Starr – Full Clip (Instrumental)

Jaylib – The Red (Instrumental)

People Under The Stairs – Tuxedo Rap

Ghettosocks – Dreams Of Hawaiian Sophie

Incise – True Greatness

Mystic – The Life

People Under The Stairs – Schooled In The Trade (Instrumental)

SC: Folivoar1


Twitter: @DustinDef