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Vol 003 – Hip Hop Corner: D-man

HHC Vol.3 - D-MAN 

This Calgary Alberta sound smith may not be household name, but take our words, he soon will be.

Once a free flowing emcee, now a scratching turntable freak, D-man of the Jazzlib collective is taking his sounds to new levels.

Throughout his home city of Calgary,AB you can find him hosting/DJing monthly events such as B.Y.O.V

“bring your own vinyl” an open table event for DJ’s to come flex and an Open Mic Hip Hop night  called “Elevated Etiquette”

With his humble attitude and drive to teach others you can also find D-man involved in a at Risk Youth program to which he teaches teens about Turntablism and the art of scratching.

This year you can have the pleasure of checking him out live at Fozzyfest and the Inshala Music Festival.

Be sure to follow him and his monthly mixes @www.soundcloud.com/dman403

Get to know the man behind the mix with a little Q & A

SlowDjs: Thank you right off the bat for being part of Vol.3 and delivering a mix with a little something for everyone. We also appreciate the opportunity to debut your sounds to the world.

SlowDjs: With this being your first official mix, was it difficult to figure out what style of Hip Hop to play?

D-man: Haha ya actually, I did three different ones… one with current shit, one that was more trappy bass stuff, and then I was like I gotta keep it to my roots so I thought if I’m going to do an official hip hop mix it’s gotta be on some boom bap golden era style. I really just wanted to make every track original with all the different acapella blends over my favourite instrumentals. Definitely was inspired by Krafty Kuts, DJ Pump, and DJ Rob Bankz golden era mixes.

SlowDjs: Before you decided to drop the needle on the plate, you were an Emcee for many years. What made you decide to drop the mic and start to spin records?

D-man: Well that was maaaaany moons ago I dropped the mic lol. I quit rapping probably around 7 years ago and then picked up decks a couple summers ago so there was definitely a long period where I wasn’t involved in music. I always wanted tables to do little mixes at home for friends because I’m constantly digging for new shit. Then I started scratching and learning to beat juggle and pretty much just became obsessed with progressing and learning all the time.

SlowDjs: There is a solid presence of East Coast acapella’s and Instrumentals layered throughout this mix. Is this by preference?

D-man: Oh hell ya! East Coast all day! Of course I’m into hip hop from all corners but I came up listening to New York, Philly, Boston. I still sprinkled some West in the mix too though.

SlowDjs: Slowdjs is buying’ what are you drink’n’?

D-man: Lucky Lager or Rye and Gingerale please sir.


V.002 Hip Hop Corner DJ WakCutt


HHC Vol.2 - DJ WakCutt
















Hip Hop Corner Vol.2 takes us high into the Rockies where we hooked up with one of  the finest turntablist’s that Canada has to offer, DJ WakCutt!

This incredibly talented DJ has elevated himself into listeners hearts with his large personality both on and off the stage, plus he is ridiculously skilled on the turntables.WakCutt’s presence is known worldwide from his 2nd place finish in RedBulls 2013 Thre3Style World DJ Championships.He has also been a crowd favourite at one of Canada’s best music festival “Shambhala” where the name WakCutt is simply associated with great music!Notable collaborations include Ed Solo, SkratchBastid, Bryx, Emotionz and The Gaff (just to name a few).

Get to know the man behind the mix with a little Q&A

SlowDjs: Right off the jump we wanna say thank you so much for such a sick mix! Your choice of classic joints will definitely be appreciated by all the heads. Was there ever a doubt you might take it in another direction?

WAK: Not really. Hip hop to me are all those rad classics we grew up with. I wanted to make sure all bases were covered with classics, newer sounds, and getting some homies in there as well. 

SlowDjs: Being a Turntablist, scratching and manipulating the wax is a huge part of who you are and what you do, is there anyone specific that inspired you as a DJ / Turntablist?

WAK: Off the top Q-Bert is the main teacher, where would any of us be without him? Jazzy Jeff, X-ecutioners, Revolution, D-Styles, Allies, Bastid, Alien, Beatjunkies, DJ Weezl all played their role in my inspiration.

SlowDjs: If there was any artist or group that you could make music with (that you haven’t already) who would it be and why?

WAK: Not too sure about that one. I think it would be fun to do scratches in a band, or to tour DJ for a dope rapper that a lot of people feel. I’m def more of the DJ type than the producer type. Trying hard to remedy that though.

SlowDjs: Slowdjs is buying’ what are you drink’n’?

WAK: Off the sauce these days, but if your buying – New Balance or Airmax 90. Size 12.

Find & follow WakCutt  @ Facebook – Wakcutt.

Twitter – @wakcutt

Instagram – @wakcutt


V.001 – Hip Hop Corner: Estea Elements & K-Rec

Slowdjs has started a new hip-hop mix series called The Hip-Hop Corner. We’ve been huge supporters of the underground Canadian and West-Coast Hip Hop scene for a number of years and we wanted to give back!

Our talented friends, family, and extended network of DJS, MC’s and musicians will be joining us on this mixtape journey, and we’re happy to present this series for you! Each mix will feature music by various DJ’s and MC’s as well as a small interview for our listeners to learn more about the artists.

Volume 1:

Estea Elements & K-Rec go all in!
This 100% live mixtape showcases the Vancouver duo’s ability to blend witty story telling lyrics with complex turntablism, all the while keeping us submerged in classic Hip Hop gems.

You can find these two every month showcasing local live talent at their Mouth vs Mic events or tune in to their Mouth vs Mic Podcast for good times, social topics and great music.
SlowDjs: First off we want to thank you you for such a hype mix! What made you guys decide to go the extra mile and throw down a live mix for us?

We’ve been trying to do the most classic, traditional hip-hop we can. For the last while we’ve kinda strictly worked on live routines, with K-Rec going back to back on traditional breaks with lots of cuts, and me doing 80’s style fast raps, story raps, and all that. We’re both super busy so this chance to capture what we’ve been doing and share it was kind of a god send! haha Thank You!!
SlowDjs: You two really seem to play effortlessly off each other when u are rocking’, how did you meet and how long have you been creating music together?

K-Rec - Estea and I both grew up in Langley together so I knew about Estea as far back as 94? We didn’t start rocking together til about 2006/2007. If I remember correctly we hooked up at one of the early M.A.W.O’s (Mobilization Against War and Occupation) Hip Hop fests

Estea - Yeah, I saw K perform there and thought, “Wow! That DJ should be up front!” haha. We talked and I gave him a real shitty demo I had. Thank god he liked it! We’ve both just done all kinds of music for years, so when we got together we clicked pretty smooth and quick.

SlowDjs: As an Emcee/DJ duo what or who inspires you to rock the style that you do?

K-Rec - Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, Run-Dmc, Cash Money and Marvellous, The Beastie Boys…..really any group or crew that choose to put the Dj up in the forefront along with the MC’s

SlowDjs: If there was any artist or group that you could make music with (that you haven’t already) who would it be and why?

K-Rec - Well my dream collaboration would be with De La Soul because they are my all time favourite musical group…..on the more underground tip I’d love to work with Serengeti, everything he’s doing right now blows me away

Estea - In total fantasy world I would wanna do a jam with like Grandmaster Caz or Biz Markie & Cool V, but on the local, realistic tip I’d love to make something with me rhyming, K on cuts, Ian FM doing a beat, and Diana Theodora doing breaks of poetry.

SlowDjs: Slowdjs is buying’ what are you drink’n’?

K-Rec - Double Vodka on the rocks!

Estea - Mint and oregano tea with soy milk and a little agave haha

Naasko – Transparent DJ MIX


Naasko has been involved in the global electronic music scene for the past 17 years as a DJ, VJ, event producer, stage manager, record label manager (Interchill Records & Bluetech’s Native State Records), A&R, graphic designer and publicist. Over the years, he’s traveled extensively and has performed and worked at events around the world.

From 2002 to 2008 he founded and curated the Liminal Village at the renowned Boom Festival in Portugal. The Liminal Village is a legacy project that continues to be one of the Boom’s featured stages.

Having co-produced tracks with both Noah Pred and Don Peyote as well as compiling albums for Interchill and Native State, he continues to stay creative and shows no signs of letting up. Keep an eye and ear open for a forthcoming compilation on Interchill slotted for early 2015 and further output from his collaborative project the BC Dubcats.

Alpha Steppa – Shaka Satori   (Trigram)
J. Robinson – Tsavo   (Tribe 12)
Asylum – Zero Gravity   (Uprise Audio)
Cluekid – Into The Jungle   (Terrain Records)
TMSV & Widowmaker – Persei   (Box Clever)
Perverse – Charade   (Tribe 12)
Biome – Two Way   (Black Box)
Congi & Geode – Flow One   (Chord Marauders)
Truth – Justify feat. Taso   (Tempa)
J:Kenzo – Ricochet   (Tempa)
De Niro – Flipbook   (Gamma Audio)
Jafu – Helios   (Vulcan Audio)
Jafu – Desperate Falcons   (Vulcan Audio)
Amit – Stay With Me feat. Rani   (Exit Records)
TMSV – Stress   (Box Clever)
Biome – Serenity   (Deep Heads)


Listen – Click here

Original Post – Click Here


Slowpicks October 2014

slowpicks gif banner
Brought to you by the Slowdjs crew, Slowpicks is a monthly selection of our favorite tracks. Each member has hand picked a song in this diverse list, representing some of the best Westcoast & Canadian artists in our community. If you are an artist that would like us to hear your music, please send us a SoundCloud link of your recent track to #slowpicks on Twitter.


Slow DJs Pick:
Ana Sia – “Imma Boss”
Los Angeles, CA

Mateo’s Pick:
Autem Sound – “Ring” ft. Night Work
Vancouver, BC

Ricco’s Pick:
Submerse x Spragga Benz & Sierra Leone (Barisone Blend) – “Pop It Off”
Portland, OR (Barisone)

Mr. Wu’s Pick:
AB-Life x Rebelution (Ells refix) – “Sleeps So High”
Bend, OR (Ells)

Rhia Wellbelove’s Pick:
Haakonsen – “Over The Ear” [Substation Recordings]
Calgary, AB

Slowdjs Pick:
Jason Burns – “Do Without”
Portland, OR

Myth’s Pick:
Kill Frenzy – “No panties” [Dirty Bird]
Los Angeles, CA

Slowdjs Pick:
Shiny Things – “Pick Ya Sides”
Nelson, BC

Slowdjs Pick:
TOKiMONSTA – “Realla” ft. Anderson Paak
Los Angeles, CA

Slowdjs Pick:
Metric (Vinnie the Squid Remix) – “Help Im Alive”
Vancouver, BC (Vinnie the Squid)