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Hip Hop Corner Vol.7 ILL.Pete (Mass Appeal Kiel)

HHC VOL.7 - iLL Pete (Mass Appeal Kiel)

SlowDJ’s HHC Vol.7 takes us on a journey, not only through super fresh beats but across the North Atlantic Ocean to Kiel Germany.

Here we popped our international mixtape cherry, by linking up with ILL.Pete of the Mass Appeal crew.

A mixtape well worthy of its travels!

Cuts,blends,rare gems and a front to back layout that will have you going back more.

Enjoy the journey!

Get to know the man behind the mix

SlowDJ’s: For everyone outside of Germany, who is ILL.Pete and Mass Appeal Kiel?


I’m a 28 years old dude who loves music, film and skateboarding and everything about hip-hop culture. At the moment I’m working as a freelancer in film production doing image films and music videos. Along with my homie Chrischy I organize and play the Mass Appeal party in Kiel. For more than 3 years Mass Appeal is all about hip-hop, reggae and bass, diverse and danceable. Usually we invite out-of-town guest Djs to keep the party fresh and inspiring.

SlowDJ’s: This mix is so up our alley! Mobb Deep,Black Moon,Group Home,Fu-Schnickens etc. Have you always been drawn to this style of hip-hop?


Back in the days when I tried hard to be different from my older sisters who liked to listen to Metallica, Nirvana and Blondie I discovered hip-hop for myself. At first there was KRS One, Nas, Mobb Deep, MOP and some German rap, a bit later I also digged a lot of David Banner, Bun B, 8Ball & MJG and stuff like that. I’ve always listened to all kinds of hip-hop. From Dipset to Dilated, from Jadakiss to Jamal. Because I started listening to hip-hop in the early 2000-something years I missed the „Golden Era“ and that’s why I still discover lots of great rap from the 90ies nowadays. Beyond hip-hop I’ve always loved reggae and dancehall music. Actually my first vinyls were some Burro Banton and Anthony B 7-inches. So I’ve always been drawn by the Boom Bap as well as by a lot of other Influences.

SlowDJ’s: Was there anyone or anything specific that lead you down the rabbit hole of DJing?


One day my homie Hannes bought a turntable and a mixer… After I tried my first Baby Scratch I knew I had to possess my own turntables. I had to wait 2 Years till I saved enough money to buy them. After I played my first set at a private party (I only had enough records to play 1,5 hours) I was addicted. „I got a craving like I fiend for nicotine, but I didn’t need a cigarette, know what I mean?„ That’s it.

SlowDJ’s: As a DJ,records are sacred. If you could only keep or obtain 5 pieces of wax what would they be?


Ouuuuuh really hard …. I’d rather like to obtain 50 records…..

1. Guts – Le Bienheureux

2. Mobb Deep – Infamous

3. Shurik’n – Ou je vis

4. Nightmares On Wax – In a space outta sound

5. Flako – Natureboy

SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drinkin?


1. Vodka + Club Mate

2. Gin Tonic

3. Heineken or Carlsberg

Vol.7  ILL.Pete Track list

01. Figub Brazlevic feat. Noritsu & Bluestaeb – From Ghettos To Galaxies

02. DJ Maars – Remember Those Days feat. Cham

03. Joey Bada$$ – Funky Ho’$

04. Oddjob – Hass

05. HD – Brooklyn Way

06. Notorious BIG – Somebody Gotta Die (Ben Hedibi Remix)

07. Heather B – All Glocks Down

08. Black Moon – How Many MC’s…

09. Troubleneck Brothers – Back To The Hip Hop

10. BlabberMouf – ShogunStyle

11. Mobb Deep – Up North Trip

12. Bush Babees – We run things (It’s like that)

13. Group Home – Up Against The Wall (Low Budget Mix)

14. Guts – It’s like that feat. Dillon Cooper

15. Da Henchmen – Basket Case

16. Down To Erf – Learn To Earn

17. The Lady Of Rage – Necessary Roughness

18. Rampage The Last Boyscout – Looking At The World

19. Adlib Swayze – Pay B

20. Fu-Schnickens – Got It Covered

21. Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Demouche remix)

22. Mobb Deep x Figub Brazlevic – Hell On Earth (DJ Roughmix Edit)

23. The Doppelgangaz – Ungodly


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MassAppealKiel

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/massappealkiel

mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/MassAppealKiel

twitter:  https://twitter.com/massappealkiel

Hip Hop Corner Vol.6 DJ Rich-A

HHC Vol6 - DJ Rich-A Number six is live in the mix!
Representing the beautiful city of Vancouver BC, we had the great pleasure of linking up with one of coolest cats around.
From the worldly stages with Son Real to the local clubs with the RadPack, Rich-A has truly put together a mixtape for all to enjoy.
Summertime bangers,Golden classics,New School joints,Cuts,Blends and remixes
Its all here in one fine package! all you have to do is press play.

Have a listen while you get to know the man behind the mix

SlowDJ’s: Straight up  ” Thank you! ” we know your a super busy guy these days, so for you to take the time to create this super solid Mixtape really means a lot to us.

SlowDJ’s:This mix has great flow, was it difficult to find the balance of Classic joints and New Skool jams?

Rich-A: Hey! Thanks! The most difficult part was narrowing down which tracks to use. So much dope new content out right now and So many forgotten classic jams too.

SlowDJ’s: Your constantly touring Canada and the U.S, do you have a favourite spot where shit gets crazy?

Rich-A: Id have to go with New York or LA. Always a hype crowd and good people.

SlowDJ’s: Yourself and Son Real have done incredibly well over the past years, was there ever a moment where the grind was too much?

Rich-A: Not at all. When the grind gets heavier, it just makes us push harder.

SlowDJ’s: You rock your home city with the “RadPack” you tour countries with “SonReal” we get it, your a busy dude!

If free time existed, what would we find Rich-A getting up to?

Rich-A: Combing the city for the best food spots or Hangin out in the Town i grew up in Pemberton BC

SlowDJ’s: SlowDJ’s are buying’ what are you drinkin?

Rich-A: Perfect!! Lately, i’ve been dabbling with the Smoother Tequilas.


Vol.6 DJ Rich-A Track List:

01. The emotions – Blind Ally

02. Big Daddy Kane – ain’t no half steppin’ (Phoreyz Remix)

03. Branford Marsalis – Berta Berta

04. J.Cole – G.O.M.D

05. A+ (Ft. Lost Boyz) – Boyz to Men

06. Raekwon (A$AP Rocky) – I Got Money

07. Bankroll Fresh – Hot Boy

08. Post Malone – White Iverson

09. Yelawolf (Ft. EMINEM) Best Friend

10. Schoolboy Q – Break the Bank

11. Lil Wayne – Glory

12. Sonreal – Woah Nilly

13. Pointer Sisters – Don’t It Drive You Crazy

14. Gang Starr – Excitation of a Chump

15. Camp Lo – Black Connection

16. Logic – Under pressure

17. Mobb Deep – Get Away

18. Action Bronson ( Ft. Chance The Rapper) Baby Blue

19. Dej Loaf – We be on it

20. G-Eazy (Ft. Too Short) Show you the World

21. Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

22. Troy Ave – Doo Doo


SC: www.soundcloud.com/rich-a

FB: www.facebook.com/thedjicha

Twitter: @djrich_a

Bass Coast Spotlight Artist: Sabo



After 19 years, William Sabatini aka Sabo, with his natural, ever-evolving groove, continues to set the benchmark for future dance music and remain a staple in the dance music community. Heavily influenced by a multitude of cultures from around the world, Sabo’s sound holds much of his intrigue. It’s seductive, yet tasteful. Rhythmic, yet deep. The productions take you along a journey into sound, a sonic landscape that crosses several musical borders and may best be described in the title of his forthcoming album “Vibe Quest”. 

As a label boss, he is known for his dynamic vision – heading up his imprint label “Sol*Selectas” which successfully re-defines a new vein of dance music. The label captures a wide array of sounds, enlisting up and coming underground producers from all over the globe, as well as prominent well known producers in the industry. With its recent re-launch and re-branding in 2015, Sol*Selectas is focusing the sound on deep shamanic dance music, guiding its listeners into the future realm with positive intention.



SlowDjs:  Can you tell us about early musical influences? I noticed your new EP, “Vibe Quest Chapter 1″ features a track with your mom. 

Sabo: Both my Mom and Dad were super into jazz when I was a kid, so I grew up listening to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Billie Holiday, Milt Jackson, Cal Tjader, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Astrud Gilberto. My Dad also loved the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and old Blues music. One of my favorite records as a kid was the Snoopy X-mas album by Vince Guiraldi, that one was on repeat every holiday haha. My Mom was a vibraphone player, and had her own jazz group in high school.  Her original vibraphone instrument from high school was in the attic, so we took it out of storage, dusted it off, repaired the motor, and it still worked like a charm!  She hadn’t played in 40 years, and just jammed out so hard it was amazing. And my Mom is my biggest fan, so it just made sense to feature her playing the vibes over the opening tune for my album “Vibe Quest”.


SlowDjs: Can you tell us a bit more about your label, Sol*Selectas and how/when that was formed and how it has changed over the years?

Sabo: I started it in 2006 while living in NYC. It was limited run vinyl, on a very limited budget, for several years, just putting out party breaks and mash up type records, whenever I could afford a pressing.  I went digital in 2010, since no one was really buying records anymore because of laptop DJing. Then Moombahton happened and I released a ton of music during that time, trying to show people the “other side” of the sound, with lots of tribal Latin, African, and Brazilian influences. This year I have re-launched the label with a new look, and new direction in sound. Deep shamanic desert sunrise music is the focus, with everything from deep house to techno, to slower cumbias and electronica as well. I’m building a crew of incredible DJs and producers for the label who are making really unique sounding,  and forward thinking, dance music that needs to be shared. I’m super excited about how much incredible music we have coming out this year..


SlowDjs: When did you work at Turntable Lab and what was your role there? How has that influenced your musical career?

Sabo:  I worked there for a few years part time in the NY flagship store in the East Village, and later became manager of that store after Gypsy Bogdan went back to Romania. Working there was sick, I learned about so much music, in every genre imaginable, and probably a good half of my vinyl collection was acquired while working there.  I met tons of DJs from all over the world too, and made lots of life long friends. Even though I barely made any money because I was constantly buying stuff on credit, it was one of the best jobs I ever had. Shout out to Jasper, Tony, Pete, and Bogdan!


SlowDjs: How has skateboarding influenced your life and your music?

Sabo: Skateboarding is everything for me man. All the music I was into growing up as a teenager was from skate videos. The fashion, for better or worse, was all from skating. Before music, all I wanted to do was skate, all day long, and nothing else. I’ve never stopped, its been almost 30 years now. Despite several broken bones, and joints like an 80 year, I still try to skate as often as I can. I’ll go to skate parks here in California and there will be 13, 14, and 15 year old kids shredding super hard, so I always try and step up and pull an old hammer out of my bag of tricks. I get so focused on landing a trick and not going to the hospital, that  I think about nothing else and it totally clears my mind. Its almost like meditation for me now. Skateboarding is the raddest thing ever.


SlowDjs: What projects are you currently working on and what are you really excited about these days? 

Sabo: I’m just wrapping up my first solo album “Vibe Quest” which is scheduled to come out early next year. I cannot wait to release that one, and then follow it up with the remix compilation which has the most incredible line up of my favorite producers on it.  I’m doing a 4 song remix project for Fania records that I’m super excited about. I just did a 2 song EP for Rob Garza’s new label Magentic Moon, that should be out soon. Made a tune with Smalltown DJs & Christian Martin on our last Mountain Magic Tour that should be released soon on Main Course, and then I have collaboration projects with Mikey Lion of Desert Hearts, and also Disgraceland that I’m working on too. As far as being excited, working in the studio lately has been amazing, and I’m really pumped on whats coming from my label Sol*Selectas. I’m also super hyped for all the festival sunrise sets this season, and I cannot wait to close out Bass Coast !!


Catch Sabo at Bass Coast and bump this mix on your way there…

 The Slowcast: Road to Bass Coast

Track List

1. The Dust In My Groove – Disgraceland (forthcoming on Sol*Selectas)

2. Mind Dub – Sabo (unreleased)

3. Good Night – Matthias Vogt

4. Fleck – Evan Michael

5. Gods Of War (Von Party’s Peace Pipe Dub) – Auntie Flow

6. Imaginary Paradise (Egbert Remix) – Sebatien Leger

7. Outer Space – Thyldomid

8. Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) (Dixon Re-edit) – The Ancient Moons, Damian Lazarus

9. Bonsoca (Mollono.Bass Remix) – Santiago Deep

10. Love (Canson Remix) – Ante Perry

11. Epika – Guy Mantzur, Roy Rosenfeld

12. Julia (Soulwax Remix) – Jungle

13. We Shall Be Found (Multi Culti’s ‘In The Gobi’ Dub) – Dreems, Jagma

14. XTC – DJ Koze

15. Jasper Red – A & I

16. Ra (David August Remix) – The Acid

17. Brown Oxford – Archie Pelago

18. Stick By This – Dusky

Basscoast Spotlight Artist: Ryan Wells

Basscoast Spotlight Artist: Ryan Wells














SlowDjs: You are becoming a regular on the Basscoast roster, what was your favourite set/time to play and why?

Both times have been awesome & at the same time quite different. The first time I played was in 2013 and it was at peak party time of the evening so my game plan was to keep vibes upbeat and fun. Last year I played late night/early morning and took advantage of the opportunity to play deeper music and focus on taking people on bit of a journey. It was also the first time I recorded a live mix and was quite happy with how it turned out! It’s really special to be asked back so I try not to take it for granted. I was attending Bass Coast before I ever played it & wouldn’t want to ever miss it if I can help it.

SlowDjs: How would you describe your style and who/what are some of your influences?

Musically speaking, I am in a place where I am able to adapt styles and genres I play as my tastes change and become more refined. When you listen to a lot of established names talk about some of their greatest artistic difficulties, its often regarding how to stay inspired and meet the expectations of the people who listen & support their music. Right now, the focus is on not putting myself inside too small of a box as I am still learning so much and have this time to try a lot of different things, keep learning, and not feel like I am letting anyone down.

Influences change as the years go on, but most of them originate in the Kootenays with the music and people I was surrounded by growing up. Our teenage years were filled with some of the best outdoor parties imaginable, with mostly local djs in Nelson that were the people who originally helped get me going. Production wise I have always looked up to Neighbour a lot, he is one of the best, and as I continue to grow there are others that help me out & influence my music. One of the best things I learned growing up was finding something I love to do and then making the rest of life work coincide with it. For most of my hometown friends it has been skiing, snowboarding, biking etc, and for me it’s been music.

SlowDjs: How long have you been djing/producing? What was your setup like when you started?

Before I started I was playing guitar and listening to a lot of bands and live concerts. When interest in Djing was sparked it took me a surprising amount of time to get going on it. That transition was forming in and around when I was 16. At first I was learning how to mix records at friends’ houses who had the equipment, then for a really long time I had 1 turntable, a mixer and some records that I could only mix in one direction. In the end it was Serato that accelerated my learning and ability to dj events. Now I work in a music shop and people are getting everything they need in one go for $250 :)

Making my own music went hand and hand with djing but the learning curve is steep and I got a later start at it. When I was 18 I spent a couple of days at Neighbour’s studio in Calgary learning from him and I had my mind completely blown. I left quite overwhelmed at on how little I knew, but at the same time inspired to keep at it. It was a really rewarding time.

SlowDjs: What other projects/collaborations do you have in the works right now?

This winter has been a roller coaster but I took over a studio space May 1st and it has made a huge difference in my creative process. Right now I am trying to finish songs that will fit into my Bass Coast set. I am writing and finishing all sorts of music but it’s not all dance floor focused so it’s been a matter of writing as much as possible and then look over what I have and see what will fit in and what won’t. As soon as I go in with the mindset of “I have to create this specific vibe” I end up, productively, going nowhere.
SlowDjs: Slowdjs is buying, what are you drinking?

For cocktails in Vancouver, we must meet at The Keefer Bar – other than that, I am easy!

Hip Hop Corner Vol.5 DJ Praiz, Coner & hosted by Emotionz

Vol.5 has us returning full circle to where this all began. Beautiful Vancouver BC.

Here we had the pleasure of linking up with three super talented dudes who know a thing or two about getting down.

HHC.Vol.5 - DJ Praiz,Coner,EmotionzMixtape & Track list below Q&A


Get to know the guys behind the mix with a little Q&A

SlowDjs: First off, thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to hit us up with a ultra smooth mix. The vibes in this mix are mos def on the chill side, what lead you to roll in this direction?

Praiz: “Summer times ahead and I think we felt that relax hip hop feel, found some dope beats from homies and dug into some crates, was a fun collab for sure”

Coner: Much appreciated.. As we started the mix it had a vibe to it which was mellow and therapeutic. So we didn’t want to veer from that direction. We had the summer in mind, and we wanted to make something timeless that you would want to keep listening too.

Emotionz: Thanks. We were stoked that there’s a pure hip hop podcast coming out of our region so we wanted to stay on some boom bap and soul sample type vibes as well as put our original flavor into it.


SlowDjs: Most of us have heard of you guys on your own, but not all together. How did this trio of talent come to be?

Praiz: “I met Emotionz over 10 years ago through Mat The Alien when we were all up building up, reconnected in MTL around 06’ when I was part of DJ band Microtone Kitchen, then reconnected out here in BC and started collabing at U4EEYAH(2013) crazy times, then finally met up with Coner the digging’ maniac, just this year, hehe crazy eh”

Coner: Dave and I threw our first Hip Hop jam in 1998 so we go way back.. Dave kept telling me about Akber and how you’ve got to meet him. And when i finally did we kicked it off right away. I think Matt the Alien had a lot to do with inspiring us and bringing us all together as well.

Emotionz: Coner was actually the bboy/breakdancer in our crew growing up. We toured and hit the road together a bunch with him as a dancer initially so the last 5 years his progression into being primarily a DJ has been an easy transition. I had met Praiz loosely over the last ten years but about 2 years ago we banded together and he became the official DJ for Emotionz


SlowDjs: Festival season has arrived and we love festivals! and we know you do to. If you could play any worldwide festival which would it be?

Praiz: “Burning Man, but you can’t really scratch in the desert, beach festivals and Europe”

Coner: Montreux for sure. Burning man afternoon set and Rock steady anniversary if that counts..

Emotionz: I’d really like to play a festival at Red Rock and also one of the bigger NY ones would be nicey


SlowDjs: Where can we see you guys live this summer?

Praiz: “Squamish windfest, Centre of Gravity Games in Kelowna, Shambhala, and Hip Hop shows around Van”

Coner: Well coming up soon I’m opening for Black Milk on June 27th and Mayday July 2 @ Fortune Sound Club… Part of the Blueprint Hip Hop series…

Emotionz: As far as festivals we’ll be rocking at Wind Festival in Squamish July 24th, Center of Gravity in Kelowna July 25th and Shambhala Music Festival Aug 7-10th + club dates etc


SlowDjs: Slowdjs is buying’ what are you drink’n’?

Praiz: “Ron Zacapa ;)”

Coner: Tricycle in the sun and scotch at night.. 12 year if your buying..

Emotionz: I’m good with a nicey local craft IPA or jager


Find and follow

DJ Praiz – twitter@djpraiztweets

Emotionz – twitter@EmotionzMusic

Coner – instagram @coner604



1-  The Ballistic Brothers Vs The Eccentric Afros- NYX2

2- Astrological (Weldon Irvine- morning sunrise refix)

3- D’Angelo-  Devil’s Pie

4- Tek Nalo G- Jfdg

5- Redman- Pick it Up

6- The Large Professor- I Juswanna Chill

7- The Mouse Outfit- No Wonder feat. Sparks

8- Jon Wayne- Dirty Dan

9- Darth Fader- Bionic Boogie Breaks (DJ Praiz Cuts)

10-BADBADNOTGOOD & GhostFace Killah- Street Knowledge feat. tree

11- OFWGKTA- Oldie Instrumental

12- Bishop Nehru- Lemon Grass Prod. MF Doom

13- DEL- Lyric Licking

14- DRE- The Chronic Intro (Instrumental)

15- Boot Camp Clik- Welcome to BuckTown (Instrumental)

16- Potatohead People- Whatever it is, it’s working

17- Kendrick Lamar- You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)

19- Bongholio Iglesias- The Niceness

20- Nas & Damian Jr Gong Marley- NahMean (DJ Nu-Mark Remix)

21- Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth- Baby, You Nasty

22- Manzel- Midnight Theme

23- AceyAlone- Rapps on deck

24- Supercat- Ghetto Red Hot

25- Emotionz- Astronaut (prod by Mosaic)

26- Marc_Rapson- From Shadows (Emotionz – Know it all Remix)

27- Karriem Riggins- Summer Maddness S.A

28- Street Beat- Synthetic Substitution

29- Talib Kweli- Good to you

30- ????

31- Galt Macdermot- Space

32-  Space Odyssey- The Detroit Experiment