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After Kastle on January 24th, 2013 @ Fortune Sound Club, a substantially lengthy Soundcloud tear ensued. Similar sounds being the object of desire. This pursuit met it’s end, at long last, upon the profile of HONEST. No additional information to the city and state of the artists residence was made available by the likes of Resident Advisor, and even the all knowing mind brain of Google. As sophisticated as the site may be, the terms honest and Post-Dubstep (don’t call it that) are in themselves extremely broad. ‘Geometry of You’ should be sufficiently similar enough to some of the more widely spread Kastle. Similarly vibe full enough to make you creme fraiche.

Also, slip some extra groove filled vibes into your day or eve with the Kastle live in Vancouver video, put together by Dub Selekta & RAD TV.


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