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The Slow Spotlight: Blondtron

Blondtron, what or who inspires you to approach music with such fucking fun?

So many people and things inspire me, I’m inspired a lot by comedy, I know that sounds a bit weird for a musician but I think comedy is one of the most important things in the world to me. Putting yourself out there and laughing at and with yourself is such a powerful way to get to know who you are. It helps me to break down barriers and connect. I’m also inspired by sexual energy, not just by sex itself but I wholeheartedly believe that sexual energy is what makes the world turn. Blondtron is a character and vessel for my silly, sexual energy and having that character lets me do whatever the fuck I want and have fun with it. This should be fun, always.

I’ve seen you live and I’ve heard your DJ mixes, everything is all very unpredictable
but cohesive. Is it planned that way or does it just kind of come together?

I used to plan my sets but stopped doing that a long time ago. If I plan my set I get major anxiety and feel trapped. I am really all over the place but I think what I’ve realized is that if I like it, no matter what the genre, then it’s has a place in my sound. I have always been scattered in my interests. My teen years swallowed me into trying all the different scenes and spat me out a very confused but eclectic young woman. It’s taken me years to embrace that and make it my own. Now I’m just like “fuck it, yeah I like it, of course I’m gonna play White Town in the middle of this Bounce set, it works, fuck you.” I think I really hit my stride with my first ‘Bouncin’ Bush Stew feat. Prince Zimboo’. It got put up on Mad Decent and people were like, what the F is this, but they liked it so that really helped my confidence and now I think there is a quiet cohesion in the madness.

That being said do you plan your live DJ sets? Do you have an opinion on that at all?

I don’t, I have, but it really doesn’t work for me. Some people they have to or that makes them feel more confident. I really don’t think it matters either way, you have to do whatever is going to make you feel best on stage. If you plan your set, if you fly by the seat of your pants, hell if you even get up there and play a mixtape but you’re rocking out, then fuck it. The act of mixing two songs together is pretty simple and I wish everyone would shut up about it being an art. It’s not, you’re playing other people’s music, how you present it, the energy you give off your ability to connect with the crowd, that’s the art.

What does the future of DJing look like to you? Are you one of those people that feel
technology is taking DJ culture hostage or do you embrace it with loving arms?

I embrace it all with loving arms and don’t really have time for those dinosaurs that whine about it. People whining about a technology that matches the BPM for you is like a fax machine being like, “UMMM HELLO, you don’t have to email, I’M RIGHT HERE.” It’s stupid.

I grew up playing records and it was great and I know my ears for mixing aren’t what they used to be but I’m doing so much more now. I have ableton set up with the bridge in Serato, I have a little sampler, dicers, all sorts of fun shit. Now it feels like just mixing two songs with two turntables is like painting with only two colours. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not for me anymore.

What bothers me are these DJs that aren’t adapting their live show with the times. I mean if you’re a classic old school cat, you do you, but there are so many possibilities, with visuals and gear and if you aren’t innovating then you’re going to be left behind in some dingy bar, whining about traktor and how kids these days have no respect.

You have a very special show coming up called Valentwerk @ Fortune Sound, what
is that all about?

It’s about fun! I love twerking and dancing and shaking my ass so much and Valentwerk is just about getting loose and letting that sexual energy run rampant in a safe and fun environment.

The idea of couples tickets and the overall promo of this event is quite unique, Lady as
well headlining a night of unorthodox Valentines celebration gets a nod as well.

Yeah the Fortune crew is pretty good at keeping things fresh, this is no exception.

I find female artists such as Lady, Azealia Banks, Kreyshawn and Rhianna who are
very unapologetic in their approach have been gaining a lot of momentum lately,
actually it seems even male performers are saying things I never heard before. Am I
late to this party or is it the last couple years we’ve seen it a bit more?

I think we’re definitely seeing it a lot more now thanks to the internet and trailblazers. I mean when a collective consciousness is ready to boil over, it does. It’s hard to say where it starts and of course there are your Peaches, and Lil’ Kims and Sissy Nobbys and Big Friedas and Scissor Sisters that have been doing it for forever. I think people get sick of everyone telling them what they are. “Oh you’re a sexy girl DJ, Oh you’re a girl rapper, oh you’re gay? You can’t be a gangster rapper.” All this shit gets exhausting. I think the internet is a powerful tool for encouraging these artists to practice their art and be themselves. Of course there will always be your trolls commenting ‘faggot’ and ‘slut’ on everything they can but that is so much less powerful than connecting with a fan that just totally understands you half way across the world.

I bring it up because I find you to come across the same way. DJ mixes that range
from garage to hardstyle and photos with pieces of food covering your privates, all
of that is so raw and in your face. Has this always been you? Is this what completes
the Blondtron package?

I think I’ve really connected with my ‘pussy power’ and it’s fucking liberating. People will say, ‘what if you want to run for mayor one day and you have all these pictures with cheeseburgers on your boobs and fried eggs on your butt.’ Well if this guy can do it, then so can I. I refuse to believe that silliness, openness, and oneness with self will ever be detrimental to my future. You see these young girls getting slut-shamed for showing their bodies but that’s all they ever see everywhere they look and we’re not helping them by saying, ‘Don’t do that, you should wear pant suits and be serious and then one day you could be the first female president.’ I get really frustrated by this misguided feminism ranting about all the negative female tropes in society. Instead of yelling why not rise above and make fun of it? Be better than it, be your own sexual deviant and then no one can ever call you a slut without making themselves look stupid.

Is there anyone else locally that you feel is bending the rules a bit?

Oh I am obsessed with TLC (Tropical Love Connection) at The Biltmore on Wednesdays. This is what it’s all about. It’s just people being out there and fun and silly and not taking anything too seriously. If you haven’t been, GO. You can also check out my promo mix I did for them last month.

Lastly, give us a bit of insight into what we are going to hear on your long awaited

This slowcast is totally different from anything I’ve ever made, it’s a two hour vibes journey that I made with the thought of inviting someone over in the evening. That being said I’ve totally done the dishes to it, but it’s meant to be shared with someone.

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us a bit of insight into Blondtron. :)

For bookings email:  miche@stirlingagency.com